Online Slots

Look at any online casino, and you will find a host of slot games that can be played. In fact some online casinos specialise in slot games, and hence can offer you, the player, hundreds and hundreds of slot games that come in various forms.

Playing online slots is a relatively easy game to understand and all follow the basic principle of the 3-reel slot machine, but with many variations.
For a better and basic understanding we will concentrate on the 3-reel slot machine to start off with. Once you have chosen your game, you will see that there are different wagering options. Each game will indicate what the minimum and maximum wager is, and you have the choice of how much or how little you would like to bet. Once you bet is placed, you hit the “Spin” button and the rest is up to the computer. When your reels stop spinning, it will then be ascertained if you are a winner or not. In a 3-reel slot game there are only 5 winning lines – the three horizontal lines and 2 vertical lines.

In the 5-reel slot game, Multi Slot, Progressive Slots and Bonus Slots there are far more variations and permutations, with a myriad of payout lines that pay out at different levels. Some of these online slot games also offer bonus spins, double your points or extra cash incentives

Progressive slots are one of the most popular online casino games that is played on a regular basis as these games always have huge payout incentives to those players who hit all the correct numbers.

Some online casinos take their slots so seriously that they even offer tournaments. Here all players are given a certain amount of credits and a specific time to play in. The player with the highest amount of credits left once the specific time has expired will be deemed the winner and will walk away with the prize for that particular game.

When playing at any casinos online, it is always advisable to read the rules and regulations before you embark on any game and also to make sure that the online casino that you are playing is a reputable one and one that is not only licensed, but is also audited by an independent company such as eCOGRA that ensures that play is always safe and fair.


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